Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Supersisters”: A Polish film like no other. Special effects straight from Hollywood

Teenage Ala (Katarzyna Gałązka) does not fit into the provincial world around her. He still rebels and acts against his father (Grzegorz Damięcki), a physics teacher at the local school. When Ala accidentally discovers that he has superpowers and meets his sister Lena (Karolina Bruchnicka), which she never knew existed, her life turns upside down – literally.

The trail of girls with supernatural powers is followed by the Colonel (Marek Kalita) and his dangerous companion Hektor (Mateusz Kościukiewicz) from the secret Department 92. The soldiers' goal is to create a powerful new generation weapon. To get it, they are willing to sacrifice a lot, even the lives of their sisters. After years of separation, will Ala and Lena be able to join forces and cooperate? Will the super sisters set out to save not only each other, but also the world?

“Supersisters” is a new quality of superhero films in Polish cinema. A science fiction story full of action and special effects about courage, determination and superpowers that each of us has within us.

Rising stars of Polish cinema met on the screen – Katarzyna Gałązka (“Klangor”, “Bring Back Alice”), Karolina Bruchnicka (“The Coach's Daughter”, “A Minute of Silence”) and Tymek Frączek, making his debut on the big screen. Their partners are: Grzegorz Damięcki, Mateusz Kościuszkiewicz and Marek Kalita.

“The set of a superhero film is quite a challenge: – You could say that I got a taste of Hollywood… For three months, I was physically preparing intensively for the role – it was personal training, stunt training, a box diet and almost daily acting rehearsals. Thanks to this, I learned fly… and I must admit that it was hard to come back to earth,” says Katarzyna Gałązka.

“So far, I have been mainly interested in auteur cinema, but as an actress I am constantly looking for challenges and new development opportunities. Immersing myself in something that was previously foreign to me was a new, exciting experience for me. Trying to develop my character more deeply, I was looking for its strength not only on the psychological, but also physical level. I spent several months on intensive strength training and stunt tests to best reflect Lena's character. I am glad that I could take part in a project that was a challenge for me, in which the two main roles are female and which says a lot about the power of women,” comments Karolina Bruchnicka.

“Superhero movies are amazing! They show us a world full of extraordinary adventures and possibilities, where we can escape from everyday routine. But more importantly, they teach us that each of us can be a hero, regardless of age or social status. All it takes is a bit of determination to do great things – become a superhero,” adds Tymek Frączek.

The director of the movie is Maciej Barczewskiwhich in cooperation with Krzysztof Gureczny he also created the script. “Supersisters” produced Aurum Film, a studio whose credits include: the Oscar-nominated film “Corpus Christi”, the Netflix hit “All My Friends Are Dead” and the award-winning “Scythe”. The company is responsible for distribution Next Movie, which brought to cinemas such hits as “Chłopi”, “Akademia Pana Kleksa” and “Too big for fairy tales 2”.

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