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“Matylda”: How many episodes does the series have? When will the season finale take place?

Action “Matilda” takes place in the Lublin region, several years after the January Uprising. The title character, Matylda Bilińska, is the daughter of a former insurgent, a wealthy landowner, exiled to Siberia. Young, An 18-year-old girl does not agree to the passive role of women in society, wants to live life to the fullest and fight for her beliefs. In a charming country estate where she escaped from boarding school, she experiences her first love and comes face to face with danger.

So far, 9 episodes have appeared on the TVP VOD platform the entire series consists of 13 episodes. The first one was broadcast on TVP1 on Sunday, March 10, 2024. The next ones are published every week, which means that the last one final episodeMatilda” viewers will most likely be able to watch June 9, 2024.

“Matilda” was shot in picturesque parts of Poland. Most of the scenes were created in the Lublin region, in places such as: Square after the parish church in Lublin, Lublin Village MuseumWhether Zamoyski Palace in Kozłówka. Some scenes were also shot in Warsaw.

Series Matilda” directed by Krzysztof Lang gained a lot of popularity due to its expressive characters and well-thought-out selection of the cast. As Matylda Bilińska Maria Kowalska stars, and Ireneusz Czop appears on the screen next to her Tadeusz Biliński – the father of the title character, who was sent to Siberia after participating in the uprising. Into the role Wanda Bilińska, i.e. Matilda's mother, is played by Urszula Grabowska, known, among others, from productions such as “Giggle of fate” or “Commissioner Alex”.

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Character Maurycy Rubin played by Mirosław Haniszewski, is a mysterious and influential man whose actions have a significant impact on the fate of the characters. Helena Różańskaplayed by Małgorzata Buczkowska, together with her husband Witold Różański (Dariusz Chojnacki) create an important point in the network of relationships between the characters. IN the second episode of the series it is Helena who introduces Matilda to the social world.

An interesting aspect of the production is the fact that the series not only tells a story of love and intrigue, but also is a time travel through historical places in Poland. The creators chose authentic locations as the setting, thus giving the series a unique atmosphere.

The costumes are also noteworthy play a key role in conveying the atmosphere and the realities of 19th century Poland. Joanna Pamuła and Małgorzata Gwiazdecka are responsible for their design. They are a faithful reflection of the fashion of those times, thanks to which the viewers can deeper immerse themselves in the plot of the series.

Opinions about seriesMatilda” are mixed. Some critics and viewers appreciate it for its suspense and intriguing plot. However, others point out that There are some shortcomings in the implementation and script. However, despite this, the production enjoys great interest, which proves its influence on Polish culture.

Matilda” debuted on TVP1 on March 10, 2024. The premiere episodes are broadcast every Sunday at 8:20 p.m. The series has a total of 13 episodes and is also available on the TVP VOD platform.

“Matilda” is a series that attracts viewers with its intriguing plot and beautiful locations. Tell a story about courage, determination and the fight for a better tomorrow, which will inspire and move everyone who decides to take on this television journey.

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