Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Spring weekend proposal: A ride on the narrow-gauge railway on the Hel Peninsula

A narrow-gauge railway ride on the Hel Peninsula is a journey that takes passengers back in time, offering unique views and history frozen between the rails leading to the Frankowo station and the fascinating Hel Peninsula Railway Museum. An ideal proposition, especially for families with children, which will diversify any holiday on the Baltic Sea.

The history of this railway dates back to the period before World War II. It was built by the Polish Army to transport ammunition and supplies to the fortifications on the Hel Peninsula. This small railway line was of key strategic importance. It was routed in such a way that it was invisible from the Baltic Sea and well hidden in the forest thicket. Masking nets were placed where the line could be visible. The possibility of enemy forces identifying the railway route was reduced to a minimum.

The queue infrastructure was perfectly thought out. Fueling stations allowed locomotives to be refueled, and they were also sized to fit easily inside shelters – this made loading and unloading materials easier.

After the end of hostilities, the railway infrastructure passed into German hands. The occupier then developed a network of sidings and adapted the rolling stock to new needs. Even though modern WLs40 locomotives no longer fit in historic bunkers, the spirit of old times still hovers over the tracks, offering travelers not only transport, but also history at their fingertips.

The cable car route leads to the Hel Peninsula Railway Museum. Since 2013, when the museum was opened, tourists have had the opportunity to learn about the history of the Hel narrow-gauge railway. The ride, including a visit to the museum, takes about 45 minutes, making it a fascinating experience for every visitor. For those interested, there is an option to organize a trip on request.

Such an expedition is a great way to learn about the history and technology of railways, and at the same time enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Hel Peninsula. So if you are planning a spring trip to the Polish seaside, this narrow-gauge railway will certainly provide you with an unforgettable experience.