Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Six Feet Under with the album “Killing For Revenge”. When is the premiere?

The new LP by the quintet from Tampa, Florida will be decorated with a cover for the first time Vincent Lockean American artist known primarily for his long-term collaboration with Cannibal Corpse. In the song “Neanderthal” we will hear a guitar solo performed by a guest from a Florida musician and producer Jason Suecof.

“The album contains some of the most brutal songs we have recorded to date and will undoubtedly please all fans Six Feet Under. Pure and incredibly heavy death metal,” he said about “Killing For Revenge”. Chris Barnesvocalist and leader of the Florida group, frontman of Cannibal Corpse in 1988-1995.

Among the 13 compositions prepared for “Killing For Revenge” we will find (only in the CD and digital versions) a remake of the song “Hair Of The Dog” from the repertoire of a hard rock group Nazareth from Scotland.

The successor to the album “Nightmares Of The Decomposed” (2020) will be available on May 10 via Metal Blade Records.

You can listen to “Know-Nothing Ingrate”, the first single from the new Six Feet Under material, below:

1. “Know-Nothing Ingrate”
2. “Accomplice To Evil Deeds”
3. “Ascension”
4. “When The Moon Goes Down In Blood”
5. “Hospitality Against Mankind”
6. “Compulsive”
7. “Fit Of Carnage”
8. “Neanderthal”
9. “Judgement Day”
10. “Bestial Savagery”
11. “Mass Casualty Murdercide”
12. “Spoils Of War”
13. “Hair Of The Dog” (Nazareth remake).