Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Neil Young left the platform amid scandal. Now it’s back on Spotify

Let us remind you that in January 2022 Neil Young he left Spotify in a rather unpleasant atmosphere. He was very angry with the platform’s owners for spreading disinformation about vaccines. He was supposed to be the main culprit Joe Rogan and his podcast.

Young’s footsteps were followed by, among others: Joni Mitchell, Nils Lofgrencreativity also disappeared for a short time Crosby, Stills & Nash. The Joe Rogan Experience aired exclusively on the platform at the time, but has recently become available elsewhere.

A somewhat disconsolate Neil Young announced on his website that despite the “low sound quality” he is returning to Spotify. “Spotify, the #1 streamer of low-resolution music in the world – Spotify, where you get lower quality than we created, will now be the home of my music again,” he wrote. “My decision comes as Apple and Amazon music services have begun serving the same disinformation podcast features that I opposed on Spotify.”

He explains the decision by the low availability of music in other sources. Young thought that once he disappeared from streaming, he wouldn’t even feel it. It turns out that it is quite different. “I can’t just leave Apple and Amazon like I did with Spotify because of my music would have very little streaming access for music lovers, so I went back to Spotify, sincerely hoping that Spotify’s audio quality would improve and people would be able to hear and feel all the music as we created it. Qobuz and Tidal, where my music is presented, are available in high resolution,” he writes.

The 78-year-old musician hopes that new fans will appear soon. “Now they will all be available except the full audio we created. I hope Spotify turns to Hi Res as the answer and makes music available to everyone. Spotify, you can do it! Truly be number 1 in every way. You have the music and listeners! Start with a limited Hi Res level and build from there!” – he appealed.

In 2022, Neil Young wrote an open letter to his label and streaming giant. He decided he didn’t want his music to appear next to unverified information. “I am doing this because Spotify is spreading false information about vaccines – potentially causing death to those who believe the misinformation they spread. I am asking you to take immediate action and keep me informed of your timeline,” reads part of the statement.

Meanwhile, Joe Rogan responded that he has “always been a fan” of Young and is very sorry. “I’m not angry at Neil Young,” he added.

At this moment, Young’s albums are still not available on Spotify in Poland.