Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

She disappeared from Trójka in an atmosphere of scandal. Will he return to radio now?

Anna Gacek she was one of the most recognizable journalists who left Program 3 of Polish Radio in March 2020. She could be heard on the air in the programs “Aksamit”, “Atelier” and “Popowiedzczenie”, and she had interviews with the most important artists of the Polish and world scene: Paul McCartney, Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Nick Cave Whether Patti Smith.

Gacek was one of the journalists whose contract was not renewed after 19 years of work. “Editor A. Gacek was not fired, as she suggested in her online entry, but her contract has expired. Editor A. Gacek received another offer to continue working at Polskie Radio, but she decided not to accept it,” wrote the station’s spokeswoman in a statement , Ewelina Steczkowska.

As a protest, he left the station, who had been working there for 55 years Wojciech Mannand then a whole host of respected radio people.

In recent weeks, she became the head of the radio station Agnieszka Szydłowskaand many experts returned to the radio, including: Katarzyna Borowiecka Whether Michał Nogaś. Some PR3 fans were happy that after the parliamentary elections and changes in Poland, there was a good chance for the return of the “old Three”.

One of Anna Gacek’s followers asked her directly if we would hear her on the radio. However, the journalist does not have good news because, as she admits, she did not receive such an offer at all. “I have not received an offer to return,” she replied to fans on Instagram.

In the program “In the main role” u Magda Mołek the editor spoke in a similar tone. She admitted that she still gets two types of questions: when will she publish a new book, and whether she will return to PR3.

“I received absolutely no offer, so we have nothing to talk about. Perhaps it’s a matter of how much I’m involved in other things that require me to look back all the time – books about the 1990s, biographies that introduce listeners to entire lives. people that I don’t look back in my own life. I’ve seen so much while working that now I like to only look forward. In this sense, the topic of this antenna and the radio station is not on my mind. Because nothing is happening and no one is doing anything about it reports, there is no such idea and no need for me in Trójka, so I don’t really know how to answer this question,” she said.

Many people wondered whether Gacek was in contact with Wojciech Mann, with whom she formed an unforgettable duet on the radio. They don’t seem to talk much, but they still have a good relationship. “I have the impression that we telepathically send each other a lot of the warmest thoughts. (…) All our years spent together on the air, there was a time when I never even thought about the fact that I had a partner, so I had to do something. (… ) It was a fantastic collaboration that I have deep in the recesses of my dark heart and I remember it as something truly special,” the journalist admitted.