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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“For good and for bad”: Episode 914. Great return to the hospital. Will he stay longer?

Let us remind you that Lucyna Sikorka resigned from her job in Leśna Góra after the publication of her novel “Lies of love”. A few months later, he will sit comfortably opposite Agata and start pontificating:

– I’ve traveled halfway around the world, but let me tell you, there’s no place like home.

– Now I can only envy you this “half the world” – commented Woźnicka, a bit surprised.

– Yeah… Success has its good sides.

– Fame, money, success – lists the director.

– That’s what you said – Lucyna laughs with mock modesty.

– Congratulations. But what brings you to me, Mrs. Lucynka? – Agata will get to the point.

– Director… – Sikorka will start, then get up and start walking around the boss’s office.

– Our hospital is like a family home. He was the one who shaped me, he gave me everything that was best, the power and energy to…

– Mrs. Lucyna, more specifically? – Woźnicka’s patience will prove to have limits.

– Inspiration. Do you know what Picasso said? – the senior will ask instead of expressing herself directly.

– Picasso said: when inspiration strikes, it finds me at work – she will answer to herself.

– This place was a source of creative inspiration for me. I need her now to move forward, to move ahead – reveals the former orderly from Lesnogóra.

– I would love to go back to work, just for a while, of course. “I’ll gather material for a new book and drift away,” he will add with his innate nonchalance.

– I see. But I don’t know if… And what salary are you counting on?

– Oh, let’s not talk about money now – Lucynka will downplay the topic.

Will Agata take the nurse writer back to work?

We reveal that the 914th episode “For good and for bad” will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 20 at 20.55 on TVP2.