Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Scandinavians do it every day! What does sauna give us?

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Residents of Scandinavian countries have to fight for a good mood almost every day. Swedes, Finns and Danes struggle with sunlight shortages. Suffice it to say that in some regions there is no sun for several months in a row. This means a lack of vitamin D, which translates into worse well-being. Therefore, they have to take care of themselves to improve their mood and take matters into their own hands. And since practice makes perfect, Scandinavians have become real experts in this field. And it is not without reason that they like sauna so much.

– Infrared sauna has many positive benefits. It brings great relief to people suffering from various types of diseases. It is also an excellent support for beauty treatments. Infrared rays penetrate deeply into the tissues (about 3.5 cm) and support circulation by dilating blood vessels. Visits to the sauna are recommended for people who suffer from spine pain, joint degeneration, disc herniation or headaches. The sauna helps reduce muscle tension and helps fight insomnia. Aquapark Wrocław has two Infrared saunas, which are very popular among guests. The sauna is equipped with Eos vitae radiators installed in the seats, which work locally on the back, shoulders, neck and lower limbs. IR technology involves the emission of infrared radiation. Infrared sauna is an ideal solution for people who, for various reasons, cannot use the classic form of sauna – adds Oskar Kusztal, leader of the Aquapark Wrocław Saunarium zone.

To see the advantages of sauna, you don't have to dig into the details. The first association remains absolutely accurate – it is a place of relaxation that we will appreciate the most after a tiring and eventful day. Just a short stay in the sauna is enough to relax and reduce stress. In turn, in the long term, we will quickly notice further advantages. We will stop reacting nervously to situations that have previously thrown us off balance. However, this is only the beginning of the benefits of sauna.

Health aspects are no less important. Regular use of saunas increases the body's immunity. Why? Because body temperature changes in a controlled manner, this translates into “forcing” the immune system to work and fight viruses and bacteria more effectively. However, this is not all, because toxins are also removed from the body.

Regular visits to the sauna also result in improved blood circulation (and thus better heart function and lower blood pressure) and the condition of the skin (which becomes more elastic and better moisturized). Finally: weight loss. Due to the increased heart rate during sauna, metabolism is improved. However, it should be noted that this is only an addition to working on your figure – outdoor physical activity and a balanced diet are equally important. Now that we know that sauna is worth taking, it's time to answer the next question: where to do it?

The largest Sauna Garden in Poland is located in the Wrocław Aquapark. There are three outdoor Finnish saunas, i.e. Bali, Kelo and Korsu, as well as two swimming pools – one for cooling the body and the other with heated water. In the Wrocław Saunarium you will also find… a Sauna Village. It consists of four 25-person Finnish saunas, an infrared sauna, a snow cave, a fireplace, and dining and relaxation areas.

Saunarium Aquapark Wrocław is not only about several dozen different types of saunas and various places. It's the entire culture of sauna – ceremonies, sauna evenings and nights, and the Great Wrocław Sauna, the largest event of this kind in the country.

Sauna ceremonies are worth mentioning here. Why? If only because they take place every day and are led by sauna masters. Fragrance ceremonies involve pouring water with essential oils on heated stones. Then, aromatic steam is sprayed around the room and inhaled by the participants. There are plenty of individual variants: calming lavender, chocolate providing endorphins, or citrus fruits providing an energy boost.

VESI steam bath, Suolaa dry sauna with a salt wall, Setri biosauna, Finnish saunas (Korsu earth sauna and Kelo outdoor sauna), Kivi stone bath, jacuzzi under the stars. There's a lot to choose from, right? What's more, the number of attractions increases regularly. In February, more were made available – a winter garden made of glass and a brine graduation tower. And all this in the center of one of the most beautiful cities in our country.

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