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“Matilda” summary of episode 4. When and where to watch?

Series “Matilda” presents the story of eighteen-year-old Matylda Bilińska. The teenager is in a girls' boarding school, but she doesn't get along with the owner of the boarding school. A rebellious girl does not want to submit to her and decides to escape. After leaving school, he plans live in a landed estatebelonging to friends of her father, a participant in the January Uprising.

“Matylda” takes place in 19th-century Poland, which is under partition. Thanks to this, it is possible to observe the entire cross-section of social strata in production, starting from peasants and ending with the aristocracy. In this world, a young girl rebels against the prevailing order, fighting for your honor and love.

Helena and Witold talk about Matilda's wedding to Boden. The woman tries to find out why he changed his mind on this matter. The man has nothing to say the whole thing becomes mysterious. Rubin decides to ridicule the indebted Witold again.

At the same time TadeuszWith the last of his strength, Biliński manages to reach a small Russian town. He tries to hide from the gendarmerie, which leads him to a small, suspicious pub where customers play with each other for money. When he tries his hand at it, he is not lucky. On my way however, he meets Dobroliubovwho has a plan for him.

Ada is afraid of working in the palace. The reason for her fear is A ruby ​​that constantly crosses intimate boundaries. The girl's mother wants to convince Wichr to finally propose to Ada. Matylda, on the other hand, still teaches Wichro and Kazik to write. They both do not waste her time and carefully study.

Rubin tries to behave like an exemplary husband and father at home. This approach begins arouse resentment in Izabella and Michał. Only sick Urszula, who is constantly showered with gifts, does not see the problem.

Matylda talks to Witold and wants to know why he behaves this way. The man finally admits to Helena that he sold it a piece of forest for Rubin. He did it because he needed money for Alexandra's engagement. Helena is shocked. On sold land there was Radosław's grave, i.e. her first husband, older brother Witold, father of Aleksandra and Adam. A woman with children goes to the site.

Matylda talks to Boden about the fact that her wedding to Rubin's son is already decided. The Różańskis want to sell it to save their fortune. Ph.Dtries to influence Rubin's mind by offering money. He remains adamant and wants Boden to let go of Matilda.

Wicher proposes to Ada. The girl agrees, but cries because she is afraid that her fiancé will find out what Rubin is forcing her to do.

Biliński was refreshed and had a haircut thanks to Dobroliubov's help. The men go to a real gambling den, which is banned in Russia. The business is run by the suspicious Zhurov. He decides to have fun at the expense of Matilda's father and leads him to the basement. Tadeusz is to play Russian roulette to death.

The fourth episode of “Matilda” will be available to watch on March 31, i.e. on Easter Sunday. The episode will be broadcast at 20:20 on TVP1. Earlier episodes of “Matilda” are available on the TVP VOD platform.

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