Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Sanah sings with her sisters. “Today is a big day”

“Today is a great day and only one bond is unbreakable in this world: between sisters” – one could read on the Sisters’ official profile before the premiere of the song.

Grabowski sisters these are actually Zuzanna, Irena and Cecylia, i.e. subsequent incarnations sanah.

Now the first song by the Sisters has been released online, titled “The whole room is singing!” (check!). “Thank you, dear friend Sanah, for having fun with us in writing such a crazy chance. And the stands you gave us for the trumpeter and the trombone player are a miracle. They liked them too and the video came out nice. It’s a blast and a lot of fun for us sisters. Greetings to the listeners!” – they wrote on social media.

Fans responded to the idea with enthusiasm. “I thought Sanah wouldn’t surprise me anymore, but I was wrong”, “I knew she had to be cloned. You can never have enough of such goodness”, “Bravo for the idea and great arrangement. And of course that angelic voice”, “I will be the first person right after Sanah, who will know this song by heart,” they wrote.

Others joked that she “just couldn’t decide which dress to wear, and now she can wear three at once” and asked if they would go on tour together. However, you can also find voices that “it’s completely unglued”.