Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 is leaking. You will be pleased!

Producers have been trying to bring it back into favor for several years. Of course, we are talking about very advanced devices with more than one touch screen and a lot of other functions that astonish owners of “ordinary” smartphones. However, the spell can quickly break if you pay attention to some of the problems with these extravagant devices.

One of the most frequently noticed problems is the bending of the screen. Even the best-made foldable screen suffers from visible bulges, which are highlighted by the mechanism for closing and unfolding the phone hidden beneath it. So far, manufacturers have tried to hide this feature in various ways, for example by using waterdrop-shaped hinges – this is what Samsung did and although the visible artifact was reduced, it was still noticeable. There are many indications that this problem will be eliminated.

Although all the rumors about the new one do not herald any revolutions, there will be changes. The most important of them concerns the screen. The manufacturer will use new and ultra-thin UTG glass for its production – thickness from 30 to 50 microns. What does this mean for the average user? On the one hand, we will get a much more durable screen that will be less susceptible to mechanical damage. On the other hand, the coating itself will be extremely thin and the bending of the screen will not be that visible.

Yes, because we will still be able to see the characteristic element of the foldable smartphone. However, there are many indications that we are already one step away from eliminating this side effect of the folding function. So far, we have managed to eliminate the gap that is not very pleasing to the eye (after folding the phone), now it's time to

The remaining elements of the new Flip will not provide us with any surprising changes. It is almost certain that the battery capacity will increase, but only symbolically. Leaks suggest that the manufacturer will install a cell larger by almost 300 mAh in the phone, which will give us a total of . This is less than many competing models from Oppo or Motorola.

The issue may also be saved by the components used. The heart of the phone is to be the energy-saving Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. While in reality the phone may have a decent operating time without charging, in practice it will also reject numbers lovers and those who simply choose larger available cells.