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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Some of the actors will not return in new episodes of the series

Series “M like love” has been broadcast continuously since 2000. Since then the characters changed or left their roles permanently many times. She is one of the longest-serving stars in the production Teresa Lipowska.

The new season of the series, which will be broadcast after the holidays, will be involved some novelties. It will be missing several characters.

In the next season of “M jak miłość” we will no longer see several characters.

Taken away on screen Patrycja (Alżbeta Leńska), Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz) and their son Jan (Aleksander Cacko); the plot will be ended due to the departure of the series family to Italy, where Łukasz will start a new job as a rehabilitator in a football club.

We won't see it again either Ewa Kalinowska (Anna Kerth), partners of Artur and Marysia. Kalinowska sold her shares in the rural health center and left Grabina for good.

We won't see it in the new version of the series either Uli (Iga Krefft)who left Poland after taking her daughter Kalina from her husband.

Magda's (Anna Mucha) son will also go abroad, Maciek (Franciszek Przanowski), who will start his education in London. Basia (Gabriela Raczyńska) will also go to Great Britain, which means that the story of her and her partner Jan (Stanisław Dusza) will not be continued.

The upcoming episodes will also be without Oli (Justyna Karłowska)who, after starting a fire in the house of her former partner, Tadeusz (Bartłomiej Nowosielski), was hospitalized under the constant care of psychiatrists.

After the holidays, there will also be no neighbors from Mostowiacy, Mai (Ewa Tucholska) and Daniela (Paweł Prokopczuk)because they left for Masuria.

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