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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Reindeer” owes its success to… an algorithm? This is what the director of Netflix says

Reindeer” is a miniseries that focuses on the character of Donny, who finds himself in the worst moment of his life. And the entire spiral of these traumatic events began when Martha – the cause of the whole tragedy – entered the bar where the man worked. The production became a great a hit on Netflix – watched by viewers all over the world.

“There was a time when 'Reindeer' couldn't even be seen in the United States. Or if you did, it would have been on PBS once. It was a very big hit in the UK and, as it always does, Netflix, was boosted by the algorithm, which made it reach more and more viewers. If something is a very big hit in one country, it is very likely that there will be audiences for it in other countries as well. In this way, the series became a huge hit around the world,” says Ted Sarandos.

Still, the head of Netflix doesn't think so Without the support of an appropriate algorithm, “Reindeer” would have no chance of success in the United States. According to Sarandos, good content does not have to be specifically adapted for American audiences. The advantage of such foreign productions is their authenticity, without which they will not be successful. According to Sarandos, it is impossible to arrange something in advance to appeal to the American audience. It must be a natural process.

Among other topics raised by Sarandos in an interview with The New York Times was the question of whether Netflix would become interested in news television and news reporting. Earlier, based on anonymous sources, CNN reported that the entertainment platform Netflix is ​​not interested in the news segment. Sarandos now confirms this, although he leaves the door open for the future.

“We're not in the business of reporting hot breaking news or anything like that, because that's what other media are for. People don't look for something like that from us. But we're open to new things. There's no clear answer. Something might actually work within Netflix good, although so far it hasn't worked at all,” concludes the director.

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