Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Godzilla and Kong: A New Empire” – where to watch online? The film is finally on VOD!

The fight of the giants continues! The mighty Kong and the terrifying Godzilla must face a colossal, undiscovered threat that lurks in our world and calls into question the existence of monsters… and humanity. “Godzilla & Kong: A New Empire” deep dives into the history of these titans and their origins, as well as the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond. It also shows the mythical battle that contributed to the creation of these extraordinary creatures and linked their fate with humanity forever. While Godzilla fights the titans and protects humanity, researchers on Kong create a map of the Hollow Earth, where the ape is constantly monitored. A network of sensors detects a signal from uncharted territory, which is sensed by deaf-mute Jia, the only survivor of the tribe and the adopted daughter of Ilene Andrews.

In the movie “Godzilla and Kong: A New Empire” we will see Rebecca Hall in the role of Ilene Andrews, a scientist studying Congo and trying to protect her adopted daughter Jia, played by Kaylee Hottle. Brian Tyree Henry plays Bernie Hayes, an analyst who helps discover the secrets of an SOS signal sent from underground. Dan Stevens plays Trapper, one of the key characters involved in the fight against a new threat. The film's cast of seasoned actors adds depth and emotion to this epic story of giant monsters and their connection to humanity.

The film “Godzilla and Kong: A New Empire” is available online on various VOD platforms. Here's where you can watch it:

  • Player: rental for PLN 40
  • TV Smart: rental for PLN 44.90
  • Play Now: rental for PLN 49
  • Canal+ Premieres: rental for PLN 49.99
  • Amazon Prime Video: rental or purchase from PLN 49.99
  • Megogo: rental or purchase from PLN 49.99 (HD)
  • Apple TV: rental or purchase from PLN 49.99 (HD)

With these different options, each viewer can choose the most convenient platform and price to enjoy the epic battle of the giants in “Godzilla & Kong: A New Empire” from the comfort of home.

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