Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Polsat Hit Festwal 2024: A special anniversary of Majka Jeżowska!

Third concert of the second day Polsat Hit Festival belonged to Majka Jeżowska. The artist, beloved throughout Poland, celebrated 45 years of stage activity in Sopot.

“Majka Jeżowska, the most beautiful in the class! It hasn't changed for years! But Majka is changing before our eyes. In a moment you will hear the star's most famous hits in unknown versions! Expect also musical surprises and unique duets: Majka will be joined on stage Krystyna Prońko and Malik Montana” – a unique anniversary concert was announced by the singer, who has been entertaining not only children for years.

However, before the heroine of the evening took over the stage, they welcomed the audience Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna and Kasia Cichopek.

Then the star of the evening took over the audience. The audience and TV viewers heard hits at the beginning “The most beautiful in the class”, “All the children are ours” and a medley of the songs “On the beach”, “I've been in a good mood since the morning”, “A doll made of Saxon porcelain” and “Dłonie”.

“It's going to be a lot of fun. But you've grown up, kids! There are kids behind me, too. This is a band I've been working with for 10 years,” Jeżowska said on stage after the first song, and after performing “All the children are ours,” Jeżowska encouraged people to support the Foundation Polsat.

After this fragment, Jeżowska invited Krystyna Prońko to the duo. The singers performed the great hit “He didn't love us”. The song is about Janusz Majka, which was associated with each of the stars and separated from each of them in turbulent circumstances. The 1986 song has become a symbol of female bonding.

“I want to dedicate this song to all women, mothers, grandmothers. To make them believe in the strength of sisters. We need this,” said Jeżowska.

When the next song – “And I prefer my mama” – ended, the hosts and representatives of Interia appeared on stage. Przemysław Białkowski – and presented the star with a statuette specially prepared for this occasion. Maciej Dowbor gave flowers to Jeżowska. The singer also received an award from SAWP, which was presented by the president of the association Ryszard Poznakowski.

“I should ask how you are having fun, but you are having a great time. And how could it be otherwise? It is a great honor to present this statuette on behalf of the Interia editorial team and the 21 million users who visit the portal,” said Przemysław Białkowski. The audience sang a loud “Happy Birthday” to Jeżowska, and Jeżowska had tears in her eyes.

At the end Majka Jeżowska prepared the most surprising duet of the evening, described by the singer as a surprise for the audience. Jeżowska joined forces with Malik Montana and performed the song “We're having fun”.