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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Piotr Pręgowski: The star of “Rancza” appeared in the series “Pawnshop. Life under pledge”

The hit fictional para-documentary, broadcast for over six years on TV Puls, has a group of fans who closely follow the adventures of the employees and customers of the Wrocław pawn shop run by Kazimierz Barski (Zbigniew Buczkowski).

The 14th season of the series is currently being produced. In episode 742, titled “The Collector”, we will see Piotr Pręgowski. The actor, who became famous for his role as Pietrek in the cult “Rancz”, this time played the role of a musician.

“Mikołaj Bauman is an outstanding musician, a world-famous violinist who, together with his wife, gave concerts in the world’s largest philharmonic halls for 30 years. When they returned to Poland, family problems and various misfortunes began,” said Piotr Pręgowski.

After his wife’s death, Bauman’s only goal is to continue her passion for collecting. The valuable items he has collected at home are worth a fortune. Bauman has a son with whom he has not had contact for years. 35-year-old Janek (Cezary Jabłoński) is addicted to drugs and has repeatedly escaped from rehab, paid for by his parents.

The son decided to take revenge on his father and get his money. So he hired two thugs to steal his father’s precious collection. The situation becomes more complicated when thieves want to cheat Janek and cash out the entire collection. However, they are caught red-handed and a shooting takes place, as a result of which Bauman is injured. Paradoxically, this difficult situation brings father and son closer together again.

On Thursday, February 15, Piotr Pręgowski celebrates his 70th birthday.