Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Piotr Gąsowski on returning to “TTBZ”: Longing is an understatement

The first episode of the unique anniversary edition of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” will appear on Polsat on March 8. “It will be something special, ‘The best of the best of #TTBZ!’. The finalists of previous editions will be on stage. The best of the best! There will be a lot going on,” we read in the announcement.

We talked to Piotr Gąsowski, well-known from the program, who will play a new role this time – he will sit at the jury table. He told us about this, the best incarnations of all editions and the unique atmosphere of the program during Polsat’s spring schedule.

Oliwia Kopcik, Interia: Are you coming back to the program after a short break, was there a bit of longing? However, you spent a lot of time on set.

Piotr Gąsowski: – Longing is an understatement, it was a howl. It’s hard not to miss something that was co-created from the very beginning. 10 years is 1/3 of my professional life. Extremely intense, colorful, made practically from nothing, because no one knew what this program was when we started. Then the first edition turned out to be a great success and that’s how it went. Thanks to this, I also met wonderful people. I always say that talent moves me, and I was moved many times in this program and I probably will be.

I am happy to be here again, in a different role, a difficult one, because a priori it can be assumed that none of them deserves one, two, three, or four, otherwise they would not be included in the best edition. I would like to change the rating to only eight, nine and ten. Well, these are the rules of the program, probably also so that people can express their dissatisfaction that, for example, Gąsowski gave someone a F. And I can say in advance that if I give someone a 1, and I definitely give them an 8, those 1’s will be wrong. If I can’t decide anymore, I’ll flip a coin.

I just wanted to ask if there is any fear of this new role, because judging people, especially friends from the industry, is not an easy thing.

– This is a very difficult matter. Especially since I have always been their friend and supporter. It’s amazing – I’m standing next to them, some of them are shaking, crying, I cry with them, I hug them, then we talk about it in the dressing room or backstage… And now I have to judge them? But I am happy and touched by how I was received. I heard so many warm words that I am energized for the next year.

Now we have the “Best of the Best” edition, do you have your favorite performance from the entire history of the program?

– I have a pair. Ziółko as Wodecki, Filip Lato as Niemen, Kasia Skrzynecka as Tina Turner or as Louis Armstrong, Marysia Tyszkiewicz as Doda, Czadoman as Cugowski… There are so many names that I get lost, please don’t ask me, because I’ll go crazy (laughter). For example, Kacper Kuszewski – I admire him, he is so perfect in everything, everything looks so easy with him, and I know that to make it look like that, you have to work very hard.

In a few sentences, for those who have never watched “TTBZ” – why should they find out?

– Are there any? (laughter). “Your Face Sounds Familiar” is an unpretentious program, what counts here is talent, very hard work, it is an honest program towards the viewer, excellently implemented, has a wonderful setting, and the people working there are masters in their fields – starting with the man who prepares stage, by prop masters, costume designers and make-up artists. These are great people, that’s what I missed the most. 150 people – it’s a pulsating machine, all playing for one goal.