Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Jacek Braciak: Working with Jerzy Stuhr is an honor. Is he ending his career? I wouldn’t believe him

Jacek Braciak admits that the opportunity to play with Jerzy Stuhr on one stage is an honor and a huge distinction for him. He’s glad that They were united by the performance “Geniusz” at the Polonia Theater and despite the master’s announcements that this is his last performance, he hopes that there will be more than one joint project ahead of them.

Braciak considers Jerzy Stuhr a complete actor who can create any character and cope with the most demanding tasks. He is greatly impressed by the master’s skills, acting talent and craftsmanship. He told us how to play with a champion.

“It’s great, because you don’t play. The thing is that you don’t play with Mr. Jerzy, you talk to Mr. Jerzy and you are. It just comes out. And that’s the greatest thing,” Jacek Braciak tells the Newseria Lifestyle agency. “I can count similar meetings on the fingers of one hand: Iza Kuna, Agnieszka Grochowska, Marcin Dorociński, if I missed anyone, I am very sorry.”

The actor does not want to accept the information that Jerzy Stuhr ends his theater career and will no longer appear on stage. He hopes that the master will think it over and change his mind.

“Mr. Jerzy says different things every day, I wouldn’t believe him, and if he did, it would be a great pity. I am glad that this is the beginning of our common path and I am convinced that we will be together for a long time,” he says.

Jacek Braciak appreciates Jerzy Stuhr’s enormous contribution to culture, to the world of film and theater. Of the hundreds of unforgettable roles he created, it is difficult for him to choose just one. Each of his characters is very memorable and enters the canon of Polish cinema.

“He’s simply great in everything. I liked him very much in “Seksmission”, in “Wodzirej”, in Kieślowski’s “Spokoj”, in the film “Habemus Papam”. There are many, many like them,” he adds.

In “Genius”, based on the drama by Tadeusz Słobodzianek, Jacek Braciak plays Joseph Stalin, and Jerzy Stuhr – Konstantin Stanisławski, called the father of modern theater.