Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Paweł Domagała believes that it is not “too late”. When is the premiere of the new album “Hotelowe songs”?

Music video “Too late” (check!) tells the story of a couple. We observe the lives of the characters at different stages of their relationship in the elevator. The main roles were played by an actress Kamila Kuboth-Schuchardt (actor’s wife Tomasz Schuchardt), Mateusz Król (including “Mr. Kleks’ Academy”TV series “The Office PL” and “The Crown of Kings”) and the dog Bazyl. The wife is responsible for directing Paweł DomagałaZuzanna Grabowska.

“‘Too late’ I wrote when I saw the break-ups of couples who had everything – love, friendship and understanding. In such situations, I always wonder whether they gave up too soon, whether this relationship could still be saved. I know that today the world tells us, that we should focus primarily on ourselves: ‘fight for yourself’, ‘you have to think about yourself’, ‘love yourself’ etc. And that’s great, don’t get me wrong. But if that’s not the whole truth? What if sometimes you have to give up part of yourself for something greater? They say that you can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself first. It’s probably true, but maybe this principle also works the other way around – I can’t love myself if I don’t love the other person? – says Paweł Domagała.

“Those who know me probably know that I am not an activist, I usually don’t fight for the ‘big’ issues that affect the world. I don’t fully trust intentions, often it is not a fight for a cause, but for my own ambition, ego or pride. However, if there is something worth fighting for until the very end, until the last strength, it is undoubtedly: love, relationship with other people, friendship. For the heroes of the song, it may be too late, but maybe not is it too late for the listeners? I will be very happy if someone under the influence of ‘Too Late’ tries to fight until the very end,” he adds.

He traditionally helped him with the song and the new album “Hotelowe songs”. Łukasz Borowiecki.

In November 2016, he released his debut album “I’ll tell you about me”. The song brought him great popularity “Take it, don’t ask” (over 154 million views) promoting the second album “1984” – this is the year of birth of the singing actor. Let us add that the album “1984” went four times platinum for sales of over 120,000. copies.

The next albums are “Wracaj” (2020) and “Narnia” (2020).

The actor and singer has been a juror in the Polsat show since 2023 “Your face sounds familiar”. He was also on the jury in the 18th and 19th editions Małgorzata Walewska and Robert Janowski. In the 20th anniversary edition, which started on March 8, Domagała was replaced by someone who was returning to the program Piotr Gąsowski (he was the host in a duet with Maciej Dowbor from the very beginning to the 17th installment). Currently, Dowbora supports Maciej Rock.