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Jacob Mendez

Anna Rusowicz is “Naive”: The Story of a Betrayed Woman

As we have already reported, for a long time Anna Rusowicz (no longer Ania) is preparing her fifth solo album. First, on her 40th birthday, which falls on March 28, she premiered the song “You”. The next singles were “I want to love you” (duet with Kuba Badach), “What happened to our love” and “Plan for love”.

On Women’s Day, the singer presents a new song “Naive” (check!)which is “a touching postcard from this personal journey, proof of maturity and… an appeal.”

“It’s the story of a betrayed woman who climbs to the heights of her maturity to tell us that we are all subject to the same cycle in life and how important female solidarity is. The song is released on Women’s Day and is my humble appeal to other women – let’s remember that we are all in the same boat, and none of us is better or more important than the other,” says Anna Rusowicz, who wrote the music and lyrics.

“The piece – as often happens in the case of artistically important things – was created at the last minute, under the influence of a sudden impulse. I needed a song for the album to be a really long-playing album. The studio is paid, the musicians are waiting. A moment before leaving the house, I sat down at the piano and minutes I wrote a song. When I played it in the studio, the musicians went speechless. We recorded it for a hundred. Three in the morning, everyone was in tears… It was one of those beautiful moments that don’t happen very often in our profession. I will never forget it the end of my life. This song changed something in my soul,” he adds.

Let us recall that in the spring of 2023, the singer officially confirmed that she had divorced the drummer after several years. Hubert Gasiul.

“I’ve gone through my life and I have to deal with it. I feel like a mature woman. There is no longer room for illusion, the game of appearances. Reality has caught up with me, and turning forty has held together my successes and failures like a clasp. What I have achieved and what I have not achieved. Time was stormy: I got divorced, I’m looking for my place on earth, I’m starting to put my life back together,” she said in an interview with “Twój Styl”.

They accompanied the singer in the recording of “Naivena”. Krzysztof Zagajewski (guitar), Marcin Jadach (bass), Tomasz Świerk (piano and Hammond), Tomasz “Harry” Waldowski (drums, production, mix).

Daughter of a legendary singer Ada Rusowicz (check!) and guitarist Wojciech Korda from Group Blue and Black became famous in 2011 with the hit “Blind Love” (listen!), and since then she has released four solo albums – ” Moje Big-Bit” (2011), “Genesis” (2013), “Retronaczenie” (2016) and “Awakening” (2019).

In 2017, she became the group’s vocalist niXes (listen!), which also included Rusowicz’s husband, who played drums – Hubert Gasiul. They released their namesake album under this banner.

Recently, she appeared in the 16th edition of the program “Your face sounds familiar”, where she reached the finals. She finished her participation in the Polsat show in last place on the podium.