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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Outlander”: Season 7B only in the second half of 2024. Strong words from fans towards the production

The series' official social media profiles published information that the next adventures of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) we won't see it until November 2024. This means that new episodes will be broadcast almost immediately 17 months after the premiere of the first episode of the seventh season.

Fans… they are not happy with this decision, to put it mildly, and express their disappointment in comments on social media, writing that the station's decision is a joke.

“It's disappointing. To promote season seven as a season with more episodes, and then make us wait 15 months” – writes one of the fans under the post on Instagram.

Another jokes: “Are you waiting until Sam and Caitriona are 50 to use less makeup?”

As others note, it was initially reported that new episodes would debut in early 2024. But you have to take into account the actors' and writers' strike that ended in November and the time needed to promote the series.

Long wait for the premiere however, it should be rewarded to loyal viewers. As Caitriona Balfe once announced: “It's a truly epic season, there's a lot going on. I hope the fans will be happy“.

The seventh installment “Outlander” consists of sixteen episodes, however, it will be broadcast in two parts (each will have eight episodes). In connection with the filming time of the production was extended – in this case it lasted for almost 12 months.

The series tells the story of Claire Randall, a British nurse, who travels back in time to 1743 – straight into the middle of the Scottish-British conflict. Trying to find a way to return home, the heroine makes friends with a group of Scottish rebels and Jamie Fraser, the love of her life. The next chapters of the couple's adventures take place during important historical events, and the adventures of other family members also take place in modern times.

The 7th season consists of sixteen instead of eight episodes “Outlander” debuted in 2023. In Poland the first eight episodes are available on Netflix.