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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Outlander”: Blood of My Blood”: He will play the role of Jamie’s grandfather. Sam Heughan gave him one important piece of advice

Tony Curran will play Jamie Fraser’s grandfather in the Outlander prequel. Filming for “Oultander: Blood of My Blood” is in full swing, and the actor, during the promotion of his latest series “Mary & George”, shared his impressions from the set and revealed that the actor playing Jamie Sam Heughan gave him one important piece of advice.

In an interview with RadioTimes, Curran joked that he had already talked to Heughan a few times, but the reason for the chat was the opportunity to get tickets to the matches in which the teams of England and Scotland were playing.

Curran mentioned that he has a contract for several years, but as is the case with TV series production, you never know.

“(…) We’ll see how it goes. So far I’ve seen great professionalism of the English and Scottish crew. What we’ve shot so far is really good. The scripts are very interesting, we jump from 1914 to 1714, so it will certainly be interesting experience”.

The axis of the plot will be the story of Jamie’s parents (Sam Heughan), Ellen MacKeznie and Brian Fraser. It turns out that in addition to the stories of Jamie’s (Sam Hughan) ancestors, the series will also present them two love stories in parallel – the Frasers and Claire’s parentsand the story is to take place on two time planes – in 18th-century Scotland and in England during World War I.

Main roles as stated on official social media channels, will be played by Harriet Slater (Ellen) and Jamie Roy (Brian). They will be their partners on screen Hermione Corfield (as Julia Moriston) and Jeremy Irvine (Henry Beauchamp) as Claire’s parents.

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