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Jacob Mendez

Oscars 2024: Robert Downey Jr. best supporting actor

Robert Downey Jr. He won the statuette in the best supporting actor category for his role in the film “Oppenheimer”. “Thank you to my terrible childhood and the Academy. In that order. Thank you to my wife Susan. She found me when I was a lost pet and brought me back to life,” says the actor. Downey Jr. he also thanks one of the greatest casts in history, the stars of “Oppenheimer”, as well as his agent, stylist and lawyer.

In “Oppenheimer” Christopher Nolan he played Lewis Strauss, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, who has a personal grudge against the title character. This is the first award of the evening for Nolan’s film.

Robert Downey Jr. He received a nomination in 1993 for Best Male Role in a Leading Role “Chaplin” Richard Attenborough. The actor was one of the favorites, he even received a BAFTA award. Ultimately he lost to Al Pacinowhich was awarded for “Scent of a Woman”.

In retrospect, the actor is glad that he did not receive an Oscar more than thirty years ago. “I was young and crazy,” he recalled in an interview with “The View.” “If I won, I would feel like everything was going well.”

Downey Jr. he described the following years as a time of “dependence, depravity and despair.” He turned to Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of the program, with whom he appeared in the comedy “Babka z kalcem”. “Whoopi remembers (what condition I was in),” he joked. “We were on this road together,” Goldberg replied, pointing to her troubles at the time.

Due to addiction and legal troubles, Downey Jr. At some point he became an unwelcome person in Hollywood. Each attempt to return to the major league ended with only temporary success – like his performance in the series “Ally McBeal”, for which he received a Golden Globe. The actor appeared in the fourth season, but was fired before filming began on the fifth season.

Downey Jr. finally emerged from a destructive lifestyle in the first decade of the 21st century. Thanks “Iron Man” (2008) was a box office success, however “Eggs in the Tropics” (2008) earned him his second Oscar nomination in his career. In the following years, he became the highest-grossing actor in the world.

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