Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Nightrage with a hard punch. Check out the single from the new album “Remains Of A Dead World”

Album “Remains Of A Dead World” was created in the Devasoundz studio in Athens, where the producer sat at the console Fotis Benardoformer drummer, among others Necromancy and Septicfleshwho was also a member in 2004-2006 Nightrageand is currently active in Nightfall. Mastering done George Nerantzis (including Abbath, Dark Funeral, Pain Of Salvation, Sakis Tolis).

“Remains Of A Dead World” is the first Nightrage album with a new vocalist Konstantinos Togas; the musician joined the group in 2023, replacing the Swede Ronnie Nyman.

The new achievement of Gothenburg-based Nightrage is piloted by the single “Euphoria Within Chaos”, released on March 8.

“‘Euphoria Within Chaos’ is a strong hit and one of those songs you can expect from us; intense and very melodic. I love the chemistry between me and Magnus Söderman (Swedish guitarist Nightrage), because we always come up with riffs that fit together perfectly. I love the aggressive riffs in the verse and the catchy chorus with Nightrage’s signature melodies. The passage in the middle part of the song has a unique pulsation, and the required calm balances the whole after such a strong blow,” he analyzes Marios Iliopoulosguitarist and founder of Nightrage.

The longplay “Remains Of A Dead World” will be released on May 31. It will be released by the Swedish Despotz Records, which is preparing a CD version, a vinyl edition and a digital version.

A music video was shot for the single “Euphoria Within Chaos”, which you can watch below:

1. “Euphoria Within Chaos”
2. “Persevere Through Adversity”
3. “Nocturnal Thorns”
4. “A Throne Of Melancholy”
5. “Dark Light”
6. “Echoes Of Broken Words”
7. “Deadliest Sin”
8. “Pierce The Soul”
9. “Obey The Hand”
10. “Remains Of A Dead World”.