Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Nicolas Cage will play again with Werner Herzog. We know the title of the film

The film will take place in 1977, and the plot is based on real events. Cage will play Tony Kiritsis, a former construction developer who orders the murder of the banker responsible for his bankruptcy.

The script was written by Austin Kolodney. Filming will start in 2024.

Cage i Herzog they have collaborated before on this occasion “Bad Lieutenant” from 2009. The director’s filmography ends with the documentary “Scene of Thoughts” from 2022.

We recently saw Cage in cinemas thanks to the comedy “Dream Scenario”. His latest film “Arcadian” was shown during the SXSW film festival, which took place on March 8-16, 2024 in Texas. It tells the story of a father and his teenage sons who try to survive in the face of the end of the world. The film will be released nationwide in the United States in April 2024.