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“Akacjowa 38”: Summary of episodes 333-338. Where to watch?

“Akacjowa 38” takes viewers to Madrid at the end of the 19th century. In this skillfully woven series, Spanish writers paint a picture of a society in which the everyday lives of middle-class families become a reflection of the turbulent changes of times. The heart of the story beats to the rhythm of tragic events: after the brutal murder of her husband, Carmen struggles with the consequences of her decisions, undertaking a risky escape that coincides with the birth of her daughter. The focal point of the drama is her a painful decision to leave the child in a monastery orphanagewhich inevitably leads to a series of events leading to a new life in the guesthouse at 38 Akacjowa Street.

Maximiliano takes on the role of best man for Ramon. Meanwhile, Trini, deciding to go unconventional pre-wedding banquet limited to women and without the requirement to bring gifts, it causes a storm of emotions in Susan, who does not like the idea. Ursula, with her characteristic insistence, tries to extract from Fabiana the secret of their relationship with Cayetana. Leandro, showing both creativity and love for Juliana, promises to design and sew a unique wedding dress. Servando finds himself in disgrace with Don Ramon, being reprimanded for not letting the bell fitter into the house. Martin, a character with strong principles, faces a moral dilemma when he refuses to plant a bomb that was intended to kill a member of the government, revealing deep internal conflict.

Maximiliano, in an atmosphere of uncertainty, sets off for the Ministry of Health, where his future seems to hang in the balance, causing concern for Leonor and Felipe, who fear that he may run into trouble. At the same time, Trini plans an informal pre-wedding meeting, wanting to surround herself with a group of neighbors and their helpers, which Celia strongly advises against, suggesting potential complications. At the same time, Cayetana stands before the foundation’s board with an ambitious plan to establish a school for the elite, but her initiative is met with distance and reserve.

Maximiliano, newly promised a prestigious job at the ministry, faces skepticism from Rosina and Leonor, who doubt the authenticity of the opportunity. Meanwhile, Celia, full of confidence about the benefits of Teresa’s presence in their home, successfully convinces Felipe to accept her proposal. Her argument that Teresa can positively influence Tano’s education prevails, despite his initial reluctance to change the domestic status quo.

There is a lively atmosphere among Don Maximilian’s friends, who celebrate him with enthusiasm a triumphant return to the professional world. Meanwhile, Teresa unknowingly puts herself in an unfavorable light in front of Cayetana when her casual comments about the foundation’s plans spark controversy. Cervando, in turn, conducts subtle sabotage activities by deactivating the apartment bells. The anxiety grows when Mauro, full of fear, gives Felix a warning against getting too involved in the Cayetana Foundation’s endeavors, fueling doubts and thoughts.

Trini, with the unfailing sense of a host, creates a unique atmosphere by organizing a party dedicated to both ladies and maids, creating a space full of joy and laughter, especially appreciated by the ladies present there, who are also happy about Cayetana’s absence. In this warm and relaxed environment Maria Luisa finds an opportunity to apologize to Victor, adding a note of reconciliation to the evening. After an emotional and fun-filled event, Lolita and Casilda return to their humble attic room, only to surprise Victor in Lolita’s bed – a scenario that is given added suspense by the mysterious disappearance of Maria Luisa.

Gossip quickly spreads around the neighborhood, centering on a famous incident in which Maria Luisa was allegedly caught having an affectionate gesture with Victor in front of everyone. The complexity of the situation is made worse by the fact that both of them are unable to reconstruct the exact events of their recent meeting in the attic. At the same time, Teresa is preparing for her new role in the house of don Felipe and Celia, where she will not only live, but also take on the task of educating Tan, which opens a new chapter for her. Meanwhile, Martin, finding himself in direct confrontation with Don Felip, struggles with an internal conflict, discovering that he is unable to carry out the intended murder.

Series “Akacjowa 38” invariably appears in the TVP2 schedule, with episodes broadcast regularly Monday to Saturday, 6:45 p.m. The broadcast schedule for the latest episodes is as follows:

  • “Akacjowa 38” episode 333: Monday, March 18, 2024.
  • “Akacjowa 38” episode 334: Tuesday, March 19, 2024.
  • “Akacjowa 38” episode 335: Wednesday, March 20, 2024.
  • “Akacjowa 38” episode 336: Thursday, March 21, 2024.
  • “Akacjowa 38” episode 337: Friday, March 22, 2024.
  • “Akacjowa 38” episode 338: Saturday, March 23, 2024.

For viewers who miss the first broadcasts, TVP2 has replays at 1:15 p.m. In addition, episodes of the series “Akacjowa 38” can be watched on demand thanks availability on the TVP VOD platformallowing you to watch the production at any time.