Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Netflix offer for the weekend. What’s new worth watching on the platform?

For several days now, you can watch the third, final season of the series “” (although without the last episode, which will be released on March 18). It is a story about a teenage pretender to the Swedish throne who meets the love of his life and discovers his own sexuality at boarding school. The series was loved by millions of teenagers around the world.

On Friday, several new products appeared on the platform. Among them was the film “”. The production tells the story of a woman whose beloved man is to marry her best friend. Due to a series of unexpected events, the heroine wakes up the next day as his fiancée. But are they really meant to be together? It stars Lindsay Lohan.

Netflix’s new offering also includes “”. The film tells the story of an American designer and a British driver who take on the challenge of defeating Ferrari drivers. The action takes place around the famous 24-hour Le Mans race. The main roles are played by Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

Also just before the weekend, “” debuted on the website. The series focuses on the work of a police consultant who struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder. While it bothers him in his everyday life, he is a true genius at work. He sees more than others and is great at combining various facts.

It is also worth catching up on the most watched series currently on the platform – “”. The production premiered on the platform just a few days before reaching the first place in the ranking. It is a crime comedy about a man who inherits a property. It turns out to be something extremely valuable.