Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Legendary” Bon Jovi returns with a new album. What do we already know about “Forever”?

The announced album “Forever” will be the 16th album release in the band’s over 40-year career Bon Jovi (check!). In total, the album will contain 12 songs, the list of which opens with the already mentioned single “Legendary” (Look!).

“This album is a return to joy. From the beginning of writing, throughout the recording process, we knew that this was Bon Jovi’s music, which should be listened to loudly and which immediately puts you in a good mood,” said the band’s vocalist, Jon Bon Joviin a statement.

The cheerful mood of the “Forever” album may be a bit of a surprise, considering the difficult times this 62-year-old singer has had. In February, Jon Bon Jovi admitted that a year and a half ago he underwent innovative surgery to reconstruct his vocal cords. As he explained, the aim of the procedure was to implant a modern implant that would help rebuild the almost disappearing vocal cord. The singer did not hide the fact that he still had not reached his full vocal strength.

“At a critical moment, one of my vocal chords began to atrophy. I couldn’t sing well. I felt that my craft had been taken away from me,” said the rocker, quoted by People magazine.

The risky surgery was not the only challenge he faced. The singer also had to undergo several months of rehabilitation, which is slowly bringing him closer to full vocal performance. So the fact that, despite these adversities, the band will release their 16th album in June seems to be a remarkable achievement. For now, it is not known whether the group is planning a tour promoting the new material – during live performances it was heard that Jon Bon Jovi’s problems with his voice are serious.

The perfect introduction to this musical premiere will be another premiere – a television one. On April 26, a four-episode documentary dedicated to the history of the band Bon Jovi will be available on the Hulu platform. On the screen, the musicians will guide viewers through the meanders of their career spanning over 40 years. Document “Thank You, Goodnight” Polish audiences will be able to watch it on Disney+.

On this occasion, Jon Bon Jovi revealed that he has no contact with his former guitarist Richie Sambora (his statements also appear in the document). In 2013, he replaced him in the team Phil Xwho plays in Bon Jovi to this day.

“It wasn’t us who pulled the strings behind the scenes. They talked to Richie in London, I wasn’t there. I have nothing to do with it,” revealed the Bon Jovi leader.

An award-winning director was behind the camera Gotham Choprawhich is behind the success of titles such as “Kobe Bryant’s Muse” Whether “Decoding Deepak”.

1. “Legendary”
2. “We Made It Look Easy”
3. “Living Proof”
4. “Waves”
5. “Seeds”
6. “Kiss The Bride”
7. “The People’s House”
8. “Walls Of Jericho”
9. “I Wrote You A Song”
10. “Living In Paradise”
11. “My First Guitar”
12. “Hollow Man”.