Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Modern Talking: The whole of Poland danced to his hits. What is Thomas Anders’ real name?

Thomas Andersor rather Bernd Weidung, was born on March 1, 1963. He is a German singer, composer and music producer.

Anders’ musical career began in 1980, when he appeared at a young talents competition. In the same year, his first single “Judy” was released.

The singer’s greatest fame was brought by the duo created with Dieter Bohlen. The Modern Talking band was formed in 1983 and dominated the dance floors in the following years. The group recorded hits such as “Cheri Cheri Lady”, “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” and “Brother Louie”.

The group suspended its activities in 1987, and Bohlen and Anders returned to performing together only in 1998. However, the reactivation did not last long. In 2003, the band finally ceased its activity.

Thomas Anders also has a rich solo discography. So far, the singer has released as many as 11 albums. The last of them – “Pures Leben” – was released in April 2017.

Vocalist loves touring in Poland and has devoted fans of the Modern Talking band here and their hits. He visits our country regularly, often giving concerts here more than once a year.

Privately, the 80s star is in a happy relationship with Claudia Hess (they got married in 2000 and have a son, Alexander Mick). Anders’ previous wife was Nora Balling (1984 – 1999).