Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Deadpool has dethroned Spider-Man! This is the most watched trailer in history

Director Shawn Levy ensures that the film “Deadpool & Wolverine” – just like the previous two parts of the series – will be full of brutal violence and black humor, elements that fans love about this series.

“The truth is that the more CGI scenes in a film, the longer the post-production period,” said Levy. “This is the first ‘Deadpool’ made within the Marvel universe. There will be plenty of visual effects on the screen. But for Ryan and me, the priority is for ‘Deadpool’ to have the rawness and brutality that fans of the previous parts loved,” the director assured. .

In the film alongside the actor playing Deadpool Ryan Reynolds will occur HughJackman – returning to the screen as Wolverine.

The production’s cast also includes: Leslie Uggams, Matthew Macfadyen, Morena Baccarin and Emma Corrin, who will play the villain. He is also expected to appear in the film Jennifer Garnerreturning to the role of Elektra after many years.

Some time ago, the first photo showing Wolverine alongside Deadpool appeared on the Internet. For the first time in the history of comic book film adaptations, he wore a yellow outfit. This is also what we see him in at the end of the production trailer.

From the trailer we also learn that an important role in the film will be played by the TVA Organization, known from the TV series “Loki”, which deals with controlling the multiverse.

The premiere of “Deadpool & Wolverine”, the only feature-length Marvel production this year, is scheduled for July 26.