Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Michał Szpak and Kuba Wojewódzki together. A surprising answer about sexual identity

Actors Anna Mucha and Andrzej Seweryn (he played a drag queen in the series “Queen”) and a vocalist known for his highly exaggerated image Michal Szpak (check!) were among the jury members of the new program “Show Time. Drag Me Out”. TVN’s production is intended to present the colorful world of drag and artistic performance.

In the preview of the program episode Kuba Wojewódzki with their participation, there was a fragment of a discussion about Szpak’s sexual orientation, which is often discussed in public space.

“Love really has no gender?” – asked the presenter. “There is no gender for me. Absolutely” – Szpak, who once described himself as a pansexual person, was eliminated.

“Do you feel that I am gay? Let’s be clear, Michał” – Wojewódzki tried to provoke the singer. Their knowledge dates back to the first edition of the program “X Factor” (2011). The journalist who sat on the jury was Szpak’s guardian at the time, and he led him to second place in the final (the winner was Gienek Loska from the team Czesław Mozila).

Michał Szpak released the long-awaited album “Nadwiślański mrok” at the end of November 2023. The songs “Hiob”, “Warszawianka (mrok)”, “We Need a Coco” and “Smutek (or maybe less)” come from this release. He has been promoting the new material for some time during concerts on the tour “Love Is Love”. A joint song with the rapper is scheduled to appear in March Adi Nowak. Based on a photo of them holding hands, speculations appeared in the gossip media that they also had a private relationship.