Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

McCartney's 'creepy' portrayal has been banned. The artist does not give up

As part of an auction for the organization WarChild Works donated by fine artists and music memorabilia have been sold for years. Over the period 2012-2020, thanks to its activities, it managed to collect approximately PLN 500,000. pounds, and limited, 7-inch vinyl singles were sold, the sales of which supported the foundation. The cover artists included: legendary Peter Blake, Yoko Ono Whether Martin Parr.

This year, many artists got involved in the campaign, including: Aurora, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Specials, The Chemical Brothers Whether Paul McCartney. Each of them prepared their own special single as part of “Secret 7”. Several drawings, graphics and sculptures were created to complement the graphic design. Among them was a portrait of the former Beatle created with a chisel Wilfrid Wood. According to the artist, the organizers of the event and McCartney himself found the work quite controversial and even ridiculing the musician and banned its sale at auction.

Wood decided not to let the controversial work gather dust on the shelf. He decided to support War Child on his own, so he will put it up at his own auction and then donate the money to the organization.

Is the work really that controversial?