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Hanna Turnau: You know her from “M jak miłość”, now you can see her in “Strachy”. This is her first main role

“Fears” are stories full of secrets, bordering on magic and dreams. Each episode is inspired by a different Polish legend or historical event. The main characters of the story are Janek (Andrzej Plata) and Gośka (Hanna Turnau) – a pair of friends and a reporter tandem in one. He is a camera operator, she is a reporter in the editorial office of a local television station.

In the first episode, the characters go to Zegrze on business to record an interview with a disco polo star. They don't know yet that on that day they will be drawn into the world of supernatural legends and terrifying events that will seriously disrupt their lives.

In the latest episode of “PrzeVODnik”, the actress talked about her character, how she got the role and her impressions after watching the series.

“I really liked this heroine. These are the kind of characters a dream come true for actors – first of all, a complex character, because she has a difficult past. Gośka comes from an orphanage and doesn't really know her family history,” says Hanna Turnau about her heroine.

“I think this project is very interesting, it looks very good” – says the actress.

The role in “Fears” is the first main role in a fiction series in Hanna Turnau's career and the situation is… a bit stressful.

“It is a stressful moment for an actor – when such a project, which is the first such a large project, comes to the screens. I am afraid, after all, it is fear (laughter). I am a bit afraid of what the viewers will say, whether they will like our project or not. I put a lot of heart into it. Together with the entire crew, we really wanted to do something cool, something different, and we felt from the first days of shooting – that we were here to experience some cool adventure together; to do something different on the Polish TV series market, and I think that we succeeded.”

What characterizes the series?

“Fears” is a bit on the border between realism and fantasy, this realism is intertwined with the magical world (…) The cool thing is that it's not really strictly a horror movie that we're supposed to be terribly afraid of – it's funny at times. Everything is a bit intertwined and balanced.”

“Gośka and Janek, the main characters of the series, apart from struggling with various strange stories, creatures and situations, also have their normal lives. They work for local television, conduct deep interviews that no longer interest them at all, and have their own family stories.

Hanna Turnau is known to fans of television productions for her role as Sylwia in “M jak miłość”. She also appeared in many film productions, including: in “Green Border”, “Broad Peak”, “The Taming of the Shrew”, “Black Mercedes” or in the series “1983”. She once became the heroine of memes when she recorded a teddy bear from Krupówki.

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