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“Matilda”: Summary of episode 3. When and where to watch?

Series “Matilda” is a story presenting the fate of eighteen-year-old Matylda Bilińska. The girl studies at a girls’ boarding school, but she has no intention of submitting to the owner of the boarding school. Rebellious Matilda decides to escapeand she is looking for a new home in an estate that belongs to friends of her father, a participant of the January Uprising.

The background for the story of “Matilda” is 19th-century Poland, located under partitions. Thanks to this, we have a whole cross-section of social classes in the series, starting from peasants and ending with the aristocracy. The title character rebels against this world, fighting for her job, honor and love.

Matilda tries to ask Gienia about Michał, Helena wants to marry her off to a boy. Gienia reveals that Matylda, when she married him, she will be able to live in the palace that once belonged to her family.

After the attack, Boden does not want to tell his landlady what happened. However, he has no intention of letting Rubin do this. She decides to show up at his place and start threatening him. When the Różańskis are not at home, Ważkowa visits Matylda. A young girl confesses that I don’t want to marry Michał, because he loves Dr. Boden. Ważkowa assures that Boden is a good man and he promises to help her.

The affair between Łukasik and Maryna is noticed by Witold. So he warns Łukasik against losing his position. Wicher sees this as an opportunity for himself, but his lack of writing skills is an obstacle.

At the same time Tadeusz escapes through Siberia. As a result, he loses most of his strength, but luckily he is found by the Decembrist Bernard. Unfortunately, he dies soon after, and Matilda’s father is left to his own devices. He decides to fake his death. Seeing the body, Kozak decides to end the mission.

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Wicher asks Matylda to teach him how to write. Soon, Kazik makes the same request to the girl.

Matilda finally meets with Boden. The doctor confesses his feelings to herwhich makes the girl decide to talk seriously to Helena.

Aleksandra loves Sokołów so much that she can’t wait to get married. A man working at Rubin’s, he spares no effort in telling what’s happening outside. Michał is taught by Rubin how to be a real man.

Helena and Witold talk about Matylda’s future. The woman is willing to change wedding plansif Dr. Boden pays them the same amount that Rubin was supposed to pay. The letter forwarded by Izabella to Boden reaches Rubin.

Man decides to fire Boden, now Urszula is to be taken care of by the cunning Schellman. The doctor does not waste time and goes to the Różański family to ask for Matylda’s hand in marriage. Helena is ready to agree because Rubin annoys her. However, Witold does not agree to the wedding.

The third episode of “Matilda” will be seen in Sunday, March 24 on TVP1. The series starts straight at 20:20. The first and second episodes of “Matylda” are now available on the TVP VOD platform.

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