Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Maryla Rodowicz vs. Katarzyna Warnke! Barge. What this is about?

Maryla Rodowicz she is happy that a film will be made about her. Although the talks have only just begun, the singer does not hide her excitement. The actress has a different opinion Katarzyna Warnke (“Mafia Women”, “Botox”, “Absolute Rookies”).

“Ethically, it is questionable to make films about people who are alive. When I found out that Tarantino is making a film about this situation of Polanski and Sharon Tate (“Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” – ed.), I didn’t like it. (…) When a person is alive, it is very delicate and you should not make films because the story is not over yet,” says the actress in an interview with “Plotek”.

However, Maryla Rodowicz does not agree with this approach.

“How too early? I’ve had my own experiences, and it’s best to learn from first hand experience. No one knows my life like I do, so I can add many things and make sure that everything is as faithful to the truth as possible. I’m the best person to coordinate the work” – explains the star.

“We’ll see if everything works out, because the talks have been going on for a long time, but they are on the right track. For now, there are talks about the producer’s work. The choice of the actress is too early. Later there will be a script, and then the search for the film’s Maryla,” he adds.