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Mark Knopfler presented another single from the album “One Deep River”. Listen to “Watch Me Gone”

Mark Knopflerthe band’s legendary guitarist DireStraits became famous for his dynamic solos and gravelly voice. The unique style of playing the guitar and using only fingers, not guitar picks, created the incredible sound of one of the most important British music bands in history.

In the mid-1990s, Knopfler abandoned the project and began a solo career. During this time, he released nine full solo albums and created 10 film music albums. The last one – “Down The Road Whatever” – released in 2019. In 1999, Knopfler was honored with the Order of the British Empire, and in 2012 with the Ivor Novello Lifetime Achievement Award.

He recently announced his return with a new album – “One Deep River”which will be released on April 12, 2024 by British Grove with support from EMI.

It is already known that the regular version of the album will feature 12 premiere compositions. After the song “Ahead of the Game” it’s time for another one – this time in “Watch Me Gone” Knopfler returns to the dreams of his teenage years, when he decided to take a risk and leave the streets of Newcastle to try his hand at being a guitarist.

“The dreams of a teenage kid… For me, that was always the fuel that kept me alive. That’s why I still cross the street to look at guitar shop windows. It reminds me of my teenage days, which I want to remember. I remember walking to City Hall for concerts of Van Morrison and Bob Dylan. I wanted to do the same thing as them. What are the statistical chances that I will be able to make it on stage? I was a naive young man then, determined to achieve it,” he says artist.

Listen to “Watch Me Gone”:

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The title track, “One Deep River”, is a reflection of Mark Knopfler’s great sympathy for the river flowing through his hometown of Newcastle. “Crossing the Tyne is something that stays in your mind forever. It reminds you of the things you did when you left the city as a young man. The feeling is just as strong every time you do it. Whether Whether you leave or come back, crossing this river is always associated with your childhood. The power of this feeling never fades,” comments the artist.

“One Deep River” brings another dose of future Mark Knopfler classics with well-thought-out lyrics and refined guitar parts typical of his work. The artist embellishes stories about his life experiences with a unique mixture of blues, folk, rock and more, adding his unique, unhurried charm. Knopfler produced the album together with his long-time collaborator Guy Fletcher. The album was recorded in the modern British Grove studio in London.

On the album, apart from Mark Knopfler, we also hear the musician’s long-time collaborators. These include: Jim Cox and Guy Fletcher (keys), Glenn Worf (bass), IanThomas (drums), Danny Cummings (percussion instruments), RichardBennett (guitar), GregLeish (pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar), Mike McGoldrick (flute and bagpipes), John McCusker (violin). The artist is vocally supported by his sisters in the backing vocals Emma and Tamsin Topolski. The author of all the songs is Knopfler himself.

Does recording a new album mean returning to the stage and touring? Let us remind you that the previous album was promoted with an extensive concert tour, during which the musician played two concerts in Poland (in Krakow and Gdańsk). Over the last few years, the guitarist, who is extremely popular in Poland, has played in our country as many as seven times. It seems that he will finish with seven concerts, because during his performances in 2019 he announced that he was “too old for this” and it was time to retire from concerts. At the same time, he said goodbye to viewers in individual countries.

The material will be released on CD, double vinyl (gatefold), cassette, and in a special box that will include the vinyl and CD versions, as well as nine additional songs, a lithograph with Mark’s image, a set of guitar picks in a box and a limited badge.

Standard Edition:

1. Two Pairs Of Hands

2. Ahead Of The Game

3. Smart Money

4. Scavengers Yard

5. Black Tie Jobs

6. Tunnel 13

7. Janine

8. Watch Me Gone

9. Sweeter Than The Rain

10. Before My Train Comes

11. This One’s Not Going To End Well

12. One Deep River

Bonus tracks on vinyl (box only):

1. Dolly Shop Man

2. Your Leading Man

3. Wrong’un

4. Chess

Additional tracks on CD (box only):

1. The Living End

2. Fat Chance Dupree

3. Along A Foreign Coast

4. What I’m Gonna Need

5. Nothing But Rain.