Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Maria Czerwonkówna-Resler is dead. She died in Skolimów

Maria Czerwonkówna-Resler is dead. She was 92 years old. In the past, she performed with the group “Mazowsze”, and for 13 years she lived in DAWSP in Skolimów.

“Our Mazovian woman, a resident of DAW in Skolimów, our ward, Mrs. Maria Resler, has passed away. Since 1949, she was a member of the Mazowsze Ensemble under the direction of Mira Zimińska and Tadeusz Sygietynski. In the summer of 2022, Maria and I went to the headquarters of Mazowsze for a ceremonial concert of the band, conducted by .Jacek Boniecki presented her with a beautiful bouquet, and the young team members expressed their appreciation and respect. (…) We will not forget your subtle smile,” the AWSP Foundation said goodbye to her.

She also said goodbye to the team to which she devoted many years of her life.

“A person who was always cheerful, always cordial and smiling. Today the dancer of the first group of the ‘Mazowsza’ ballet passed away, but for us she was simply Mrs. Maria, whom we remember from our last meetings, when we visited her every year with a bouquet of flowers on the International Dance Day and when she attended our concerts. After the last one, a few months ago, she said that it was her last dream – to see ‘Mazowsze’ on stage. She was so happy!” – we read on the group’s website.

The artist started her career in State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze” at the age of just 15. Let us remind you that “Mazowsze” is a band founded in 1948 by Tadeusz Sygietyński and Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńskaand the deceased Maria Czerwonkówna-Resler was one of his most famous dancers.

“Recruitment was not easy. You had to meet many conditions, including visual ones. You also had to have a sense of rhythm, acting ability, good hearing and musicality,” she said during last year’s interview for

During her decades-long career, Czerwonkówna-Resler has traveled to almost all of Europe, America and China. She also performed at many events attended by, among others: royal family or even Joseph Stalin. The dancer recalled that she was forced to perform in front of the dictator and was very surprised when she saw him.

“He was so small, and I thought he was tall. During the performance, we sang a few songs in Russian. He liked it very much. Then we had a so-called hangover because we didn’t feel like singing it. We knew who Stalin was, after all. After During our performance, he stood up and applauded standing. Two months after the concert, he died,” she recalled.

Maria Czerwonkówna-Resler’s career was interrupted by health problems. In recent years, she was forced to use a wheelchair, and she spent the autumn of her life under the care of the already mentioned Home for Veteran Artists of Polish Stages in Skolimów.