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Magdalena Różczka starred with her daughter Wanda in the series “Rojst Millennium”. “I was touched”

Magdalena Różczka comes from Nowa Sól, in 2004 she graduated in acting from the Theater Academy in Warsaw. Previously, she studied computer science and sociology, and worked as a recorder at the District Court in Zielona Góra. Her role as Moni brought her popularity “Leidis”. He has played many roles in films and series, including: “Time of honor”, “Doctors”, “1800 grams”, “Professional secrecy”. In two seasons “Rojsta” – “Rojst’97” and “Rojst Millenium” (on Netflix from February 28) – plays the role of policewoman Anna Jass. Privately, she is associated with director Jan Holoubek. She is the mother of three daughters.

As Jass, you run, shoot, throw yourself on the ground. Did you prepare physically for this role?

Magdalena Różczka:- Both before “Rojstem ’97″as well as now, before “Rojstem Millenium”, I prepared myself very thoroughly physically. It was rehearsals with stuntmen, but also my daily work in training, running or whatever. Privately, I am the opposite of Jass. I just don’t like exercising very much, so my goal in all these activities was also to simply not get injured. I have experienced various moments in my life and I know that without a solid warm-up you can sprain your ankle by running two steps on a straight road. That’s why when I read what awaits me in… “Claim” so I immediately signed up for every class I knew to strengthen myself physically.

Share “Rojsta’97” and “Rojsta Millenium” takes place in the late 90s. What was your life like then?

– At the end of the 1990s, I was 20 years old, I was a student, but not yet of acting, because I had taken several other courses along the way. However, that was the moment when acting got to me. In October 2000, I started studying at the Theater Academy in Warsaw.

A lot has happened in your life since then. You have played dozens of roles in films and series. But the character of Anna Jass is different from those you have played so far. Did you want to change your acting image?

– In fact, this is the furthest character from me of all the characters I have played. Jass is very focused, very introverted, and I am extroverted, I can be chaotic and disorderly. That’s why playing Jass was a great challenge and experience for me.

Why didn’t you play in the first season? “Rojsta”? Have you been waiting for a character like Anna Jass?

– First “Rojst” it was Jan’s debut and I just thought he had to do it himself, because he had advisors on all sides anyway. I imagined that if I started advising him – of course in good faith and with a desire to help – I could spoil something for him. Moreover, many people say that it is impossible to work together on set and be in harmony with each other. So for me, it was more important to have peace at home and to support Jan from this side, and not to interfere with his work.

You didn’t talk about what happened on the set?

– But we talk about everything all the time, every job, every idea, we watch materials together. I think I made the right decision then. When it was created a few years later “Rojst’97”, I thought that first of all, we need to try whether it is really that difficult for couples to be together at work, and it turned out that it is not. Either we are the exception that proves the rule, or it is simply possible that we work great together. Janek guides the actors wonderfully, there is a fantastic atmosphere on the set.

Are you an actress who discusses on set, disagrees with certain ideas, or listens to the director?

– I’m usually a searching and doubting actress, but in this case “Rojsta” it’s so well written and prepared that I didn’t have any discussions. I just got something wonderful. As if you were given a perfectly shaped vase and you just had to pour water into it. Just don’t spill it.

In the second season “Rojsta” your daughter, Wanda, joined us. IN “Millennium” her character is involved in women trafficking. You also have very emotional scenes together. How was it playing with your 15-year-old daughter?

– Playing in one production was really great. Wanda is a very mature and wise person. I have the impression that she coped with everything perfectly, just like an adult, professional actress. I’m very proud of her. The most difficult thing, especially for me, was looking into each other’s eyes during very emotional scenes. Once I was so moved that I couldn’t say a word for 20 minutes.

Many actors say that they would not want their child to choose acting because it is an extremely difficult profession.

– It is very difficult, but I don’t know any profession that would be easy. And secondly, I don’t advise my children anything. I want them to find their passion and turn this passion into a profession. That’s what I wish for them. The most important thing is that they are happy. If they want to become actresses, go ahead.

You have three daughters, you are involved in many charity projects, and now you are on set “Hevelius”, in which you play one of the main roles. How do you manage to reconcile it all?

– I’ll say more, outside “Hevelius” I’m currently making a series for Polsat. I received such good scripts that I simply couldn’t refuse. This is the adventure of my life and I am determined to work hard. But actually, I’m very busy from January to mid-March, then I’ll work much less until the end of the year. So, to answer your question, I think that I spend much more time at home than people working full-time, from morning to 5 p.m. I defined my priorities very clearly 15 years ago, I gave up working in the theater because I wanted to be close to my family. children, watch them change, read them fairy tales. Family is the most important thing to me. In addition, I have been involved in various charity events for a long time and support foundations. And this year, my Beloved Foundation started operating, which will take care of children in family foster care. Everything that fills my life – family, foundation, work – makes me feel happy.

Interviewed by Iza Komendołowicz