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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M like love”: Episode 1792. They will not return to Poland. Is this the end of them in the series?

Let us recall that in the 1739th episode, which was broadcast in the fall of last year, it turned out that Wojciechowski, who resigned from his job as a rehabilitator at a health clinic in Lipnica, was offered a lucrative contract in Italy, where he could go with his family. Patrycja was, of course, delighted with the prospect of moving together as a three and the opportunity to live in the sunny south of Europe “Yes”. Since then, they have been living away from their family.

During her next visit to Grabina, Marta will show off a series of photos that Łukasz will send to her mother (Teresa Lipowska) and sister (Małgorzata Pieńkowska). The hero of most of them will be little Johnny.

– But it’s growing… – Maria will be amazed.

– And when do they come back from Italy? – Rogowska will ask spontaneously.

– Not soon… – Wojciechowska-Budzyńska sighs.

– Łukasz has just signed a contract with the club for the next two years – adds the not entirely satisfied lawyer.

By the way, it will come to light that Patrycja and Łukasz are going to give up their apartment in the forester’s lodge. It would be a pity for it to remain empty for years to come and deteriorate, not to mention the unnecessary costs.

– Didn’t I tell you we’d find something? – Maria said happily to Barbara.

– I was worried where Natalia and Hania would live after their return… – the senior smiled.

So Natalia (Dominika Suchecka) and Hania will take over the apartment from Łukasz and Pati and everything will stay in the family.

We reveal that the 1792nd episode “M jak miłość will be broadcast on Monday, March 25 at 20.55 on TVP2.