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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M like love”: Episode 1790. They confess their love for each other for the first time. What’s next?

– I’m not going anywhere – Kama will protest, explaining that she only feels safe with Chodakowski.

In this situation, Marcin will ask Ania (Alina Szczegielniak) to intervene, and she will manage to persuade her sister to change her mind – unfortunately in front of Robert (Kamil Drężek), thanks to which the gangster will easily find out where the detective intends to hide the girl.

After arriving in the countryside, Chodakowski will take Barbara to the store in Lipnica for a while and when Kama does not answer his calls at that time, he will become so angry that Mrs. Mostowiakowa will immediately realize how much he cares about the girl.

– You know, Marcinek, sometimes things and feelings seem complicated, but in fact they are very simple, but… we have to realize it – the senior will say with a mysterious smile.

At night, being at home in Warsaw, Marcin will call Kama, who will stay in Grabina under Barbara’s care.

– Hi. You’re not sleeping yet? – the girl will be surprised.

– No, because… I have to tell you something.

The former dancer will be speechless with anxiety. And Chodakowski will finally gather his courage and say:

– I love you, Kama.

The girl is so moved that she puts her hand to her mouth.

– Are you there? – Chodakowski will ask.

– Yes. I love you too, Marcin – Kama will tell him back.

We reveal that the 1790th episode “M jak miłość will be broadcast on Monday, March 18 at 20.55 on TVP2.