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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1790. The possessive housekeeper will not allow reconciliation!

In the middle of the night, Adam will be attacked and robbed.

– I knew that these night wanderings would end badly… And you would catch a cold to death… It’s all because of that Sylwia! And she doesn’t deserve you at all, she doesn’t appreciate you… – the housekeeper will comment, but Werner will ignore it.

The first person the lawyer will meet in the office building the next morning will be Kostecka.

– Sylwia, please, do you have no heart at all? – he will turn to her pleadingly.

– Adam, come on…

– Let’s start all over again… – Werner will say to his beloved.

– Are you serious?

– You’re the only one who can change me. Only you! I will agree to everything. Come to my place for dinner, we’ll talk, you can give me a thousand conditions and I will fulfill them all… Last chance dinner… What do you say? – the lawyer hits his chest.

When Kostecka shows up at Adam’s house, Mrs. Ola will not let her through the door.

– He is sick… he has flu and asked not to let anyone in – the housekeeper will inform him in an official tone.

– But we had an appointment… – Sylwia interjects.

– Apparently he’s changed. If I can give you some good advice… Please forget about Mr. Adam, because he is not the man for you – says Mrs. Ola brazenly.

– Oh, and why? – Sylwia will assume a combative tone.

– Should I be nice or honest? Because in my opinion, you don’t deserve Mr. Adam… concludes the housekeeper emphatically.

– No, I give up… – Kostecka says in shock, then turns on her heel and walks away.

When Werner asks Mrs. Ola who it was, the woman perfidiously lies that… a courier who got the wrong address.

– You, Mr. Adaś, are an exceptional man… A great lawyer, a handsome man, and a heart of gold… What more could you want? Ideal. Women should strive for you, not the other way around – the manipulative woman encourages Adam.

– Nice of you to say so…

– Mrs. Sylwia doesn’t appreciate you at all. He makes some noises and problems. What good is this to you? – the cunning woman won’t stop twisting Werner.

When, if at all, will Adam realize that Mrs. Ola is a cunning manipulator?

We reveal that the 1790th episode of “M jak miłość” will be broadcast on Monday, March 18 at 8:55 p.m. on TVP2.