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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1790. Marcin will confess his love to the dancer

In the new episode “M like love” Marcin will convince Kama to go to Grabina, where Barbara invited her, until the investigation into the mafia is completed. Mostowiakowa, seeing the two of them together, will quickly understand how much the girl means to him…

– You know, Marcinek, sometimes things and feelings seem complicated… And in fact, they are very simple, we just… we have to realize it!

Chodakowski will call Grabina in the middle of the night and… confess his love to Kama for the first time!

– I need to tell you something… I love you, Kama… Are you there?

– Yes… I love you too, Marcin…

However, the dancer will not be safe in the Mostowiak house… Gangster Robert, during the next “date”, will persuade her sister Ania not only to confide in her, but also to go on a trip to the countryside, to Grabina. And he will easily discover where Marcin has hidden his beloved…

We reveal that the 1790th episode of “M jak miłość” will be broadcast on Monday, March 18 at 8:55 p.m. on TVP2.

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