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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”, episode: 1790: Artur’s condition is deteriorating. Marysia will leave Grabina with her husband

In the 1790 episode “M like love” Marysia will experience moments full of horror. Are we going to have our last happy family moments?

Marysia will decide that Artur’s place is outside Grabina. She is very worried about her husband, who clearly downplays his heart problems, which are in a terrible condition. The woman decides to engage her sons to talk to their stepfather.

We will learn everything from Barbara’s conversation with Marcin (Mikołaj Roznerski), who will seek help for Kama. That’s when we’ll find out what’s happening to Arthur.

“- Auntie, I want to take Kama to the habitat today. Could aunty look at her there? Kama is in ruins now and everyone knows Auntie’s therapeutic abilities…

-I have a better idea! Bring Kama here to us, there is an empty house! Natalka and Bartek flew to Australia, and Marysia took Artur to the mountains…”

Will this trip make Arthur see sense? Let’s hope so, because the matter looks very serious.

Episode 1790 was broadcast on March 18 at 8:55 p.m.