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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1788. Rogowska will fall in love with an older boy!

First, young Rogowska will confide in her grandmother Barbara (Teresa Lipowska), that she was attracted to a new boy.

– Michał… new topic, grandma, but plisss, don’t tell your parents anything, because I feel they won’t like it… – Basia will smile mischievously.

– Why? – the senior will be interested.

– Experience tells me so. Grandma, when I think about him, I get chills… I didn’t feel that way with Wojtek. – the teenager will reveal.

– Maybe this time it will be… true love? – Basia will ask rhetorically. – Symptoms of a cold have similar symptoms… – jokes Mrs. Mostowiakowa.

That day, Maria and Artur will go to the notary together. On the way, they will pass a football field and see their daughter in the company of a much older boy.

– And we already know with whom our daughter has been corresponding so intensively lately… – Rogowski will comment, stopping the car.

– What are you doing…? – Maria will ask.

– We still have a moment, we can chat with Basia… and find out, for example, how old her friend is… – he will hear in response.

Basia, clearly embarrassed and dissatisfied, will introduce Michał to his parents. It will end with a short presentation, but some time later Artur will notice his daughter getting out of her friend’s sports car in front of the house.

– Does your friend always use his engine like this? And since when did he have a driving license? – with these questions, Rogowski will surprise Basia from the doorstep.

– Isn’t it enough that you embarrassed me this morning and now you’re questioning me? – the girl gets angry, but her father manages to calm her down, so she gives him some information: – I don’t know what exactly you want to know, but Michał is a footballer, he already plays in the first league. And after graduating from high school, he would like to move to the Premier League…

– Ekstraklasa – Artur will correct her.

– I’m afraid that my parents will cause problems for me, especially my dad. In fact, the chatter has already started… Because Michał is older than me and so on – Basia complains to her grandmother.

– Try to understand them… A high school graduate is already an adult – says Barbara.

– Grandma, please… What does it matter?! – the teenager will protest.

– For your parents… You have to show them that you are responsible, you don’t give up on your studies… – her beloved grandmother will advise her.

In the evening, Maria will talk to her daughter about her new crush.

– Michał looks like a very nice boy, but… he’s actually very… adult – says Rogowska.

– I knew it… But I don’t think so… will you forbid me from seeing him? – Basia sighs.

– NO. But we will carefully monitor the situation… – he will hear in response.

We reveal that the 1788th episode of “M jak miłość” will be broadcast on Monday, March 11 at 20.55 on TVP2.