Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Luna is going from Poland to Eurovision. Storm in the comments after the TVP announcement!

On Monday (February 19), TVP announced that she was Poland’s representative at Eurovision Aleksandra Wielgomashiding under a pseudonym Glow. The singer also introduced herself to the viewers of “Pytania na Śniadanie” and talked about the latest challenge.

As revealed on, the decision to select the Polish woman for Eurovision was made by a five-person jury. It included: Kasia Moś, Piotr Klatt, Michał Hanczak, Konrad Szczęsny and Łukasz Pieter.

The jurors selected 10 items and gave them points on a scale from 1 to 10. In this way, it turned out that Luna’s proposal – “The Tower” (listen) – received 34 points, a Justyna Steczkowska with the number “WITCH-ER Tarohoro” 33 points. They took third place in the voting Marcin Maciejczak and Dagadan i Kayah a song from the movie “Chłopi”.

“The result of our vote will certainly not satisfy everyone – the difference between first and second place was only one point, which only shows how equal the level was. It is the result of our tastes, experiences, observations and sensitivity. However, I would like to clearly emphasize here that I received one recommendation from TVP representatives: I should evaluate these songs in accordance with my own preferences,” we read Konrad Szczęsny’s entry on

Szczęsny also added that the method of selecting the participant using only the jury’s votes is not perfect and he appealed for the return of public pre-selections in 2025 with the decisive vote of the viewers.

“After our vote selected the winner, I asked the people from television to start the whole process much earlier next year and to return to public pre-selections, in which viewers would also have a say. I believe that this format is the most fair, which guarantees democratic choice,” he said.

After Luna’s announcement, a storm broke out in the comments under the official TVP post on Facebook. And although many people appreciated the choice and praised the proposal, there were also many voices of disbelief and outrage. The fans of the song do not hide their dissatisfaction Justyna Steczkowska.

“The selection rules should change and maybe it’s high time for the whole nation to decide without any jury,” we read.

“I’m already giving up on supporting Polish representatives. Deal with the label once again instead of taking into account the fans of this competition. Arrangements and sending radio broadcasts. I support other countries. You are destroying the Polish preselections,” it was commented.

“For the second year in a row, where a 5-person team decides for a country of 38 million people – bravo TVP”, “Terrible choice… Justyna Steczkowska would be better”, “It’s the same embarrassment again. The conditions for selecting the Eurovision representative should change. The listeners should decide, not some committee,” wrote angry viewers.

However, many commenters had no idea who Luna was. You can see her profile HERE.

The song received over 115,000 views on the official Eurovision channel within two hours. views and is doing much better, including: from songs by artists announced yesterday Lithuania and Denmark. However, Poles commenting there also spoke about the unfair choice and the need to change the method of selecting the representative.

“Poland really needs fair and professional pre-selections. Making decisions behind closed doors is the worst that can happen. Jurors often do not feel Eurovision and do not follow trends and audience expectations. And the song? Well, it’s not bad, but I don’t predict its success. Nevertheless , Good luck!”.

“Great, once again TVP chooses a radio song, safe but promoted by a large label”, “The jury shows for the second year in a row that they should be completely prohibited from influencing the choice of the Polish representative,” wrote Eurovision fans.

“I won’t hate Luna, because there is no shame, but once again I feel like someone spat in my face, because, like every year, we had a better offer at our fingertips,” one of the YouTube users was outraged.