Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Love without warning”: Joanna Kulig starred alongside Hollywood stars

“Love Without Warning” is a romantic comedy directed by Rebecca Miller and starring a Polish actress Joanna Kulig she starred alongside Hollywood stars: Anne Hathaway (“The Devil Wears Prada”, Marisa Tomei (“Spider-Man: Far From Home”) i Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones”).

“It’s not just a minor, secondary episode in which a Polish actor or actress sneaks in the company of celebrities or says a few sentences and disappears from the screen. In ‘Love Without Warning’, Joanna Kulig creates a role no less than Anne Hathaway. And only thanks to her Magdalena, certain things can happen at all,” wrote Dagmara Romanowska in her review of the film for Interia.

The actress recently talked about the new film in an interview with TVN journalist Ewelina Witenberg. Kulig admitted that the director noticed her thanks to Paweł Pawlikowski’s film. “This is the fulfillment of a dream that I never thought about before, because it was really because of ‘Cold War’ that new doors opened and this contact with Rebecca Miller is absolutely because of ‘Cold War’. She saw this film. She was delighted the character of Zula.

Joanna Kulig also spoke about working on the film itself and working on the set with the rest of the cast. “I really, really liked the script and I was happy that I would have the opportunity to make my debut in American cinema alongside such a wonderful, female director. Moreover, the choice of actors was such because Anna Hathaway is a very nice person. Apart from the fact that it’s great for me “I played with her, she welcomed me with such an open heart, and Peter, and all the actors in general.”

“These were such new working conditions for me and I felt so good, warm, even though I was very stressed. (…) I had never shot in New York, so after the first day I was very happy and glad that I can be in such company because it was very developing for me,” she added.

Anne Hathaway also talked about working on the set of “Love Without Warning”. The winner of an Oscar for her supporting role in “Les Misérables”, in an interview with Marcin Radomski for the Onet portal, spoke highly of Joanna Kulig. “I saw her in two films – ‘Ida’ and ‘Cold War’. We have many specific features in common that I rarely share with other people. She is kind, open and versatile,” admitted the actress. “Working with Joanna was great, she smiled as often as I did, but she also had incredible strength. It was a pleasure to meet her. Everything she did, she did perfectly. We supported each other a lot,” she added.