Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Leszek Świerszcz is dead. The creator of the legendary Cricket Club was 80 years old

Leszek Świerszcz is dead. In the music world he was known as a creator Cricket Club, a famous place on the map of the United States where Polish artists performed. “With the consent of the Family and with great sadness, we would like to inform you that Leszek Świerszcz – the founder of the legendary Cricket Club, where leading Polish artists performed for years, passed away tonight. Leszek not only hosted them in his club, but often even provided them with a roof over their heads during their stay in the USA,” we read on the social media of the Polish Music Foundation.

Leszek Świerszcz was known as the founder of the club located in New Jersey. For two decades, the most famous Polish artists performed in the place, which was named after its creator TSA, Urszula & Jumbo, Stan Borys Whether Boys from Plac Broni. The first American finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was also held there in 1993. Thanks to the club, local artists could present themselves to the Polish community.

Recent years have been difficult for him, mainly in terms of health. Because of this, he lost his famous club. “He landed in Poland 3.5 years ago, lived in a room with his cousin Ryszard, waiting for a place in a seniors’ home, which he received in March 2022. Leszek suffers from severe movement, speech and orientation disorders due to a progressive neurological disease, but Fortunately, he is already under good and professional care, and his stay in a nursing home is very beneficial for him,” wrote PFM some time ago, which decided to help him.

“Thanks to the generosity of many donors, he was able to fight to maintain his health as long as possible…” we read in the post. Moreover, the foundation’s representatives promised that they would not let anyone forget what a unique person he was. “No matter what we write about Leszek today – it will be too little, insufficient… but we promise that we will not let anyone forget about him,” they end the post.

For now, it is not known where and when Leszek Świerszcz’s burial will take place.