Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Director of the film “Winter Solstice” under fire! Has there been plagiarism?

Simon Stepehenson submitted an official email to the Writers Guild of America. A creator associated with the animated film “Luca” or “Wonka” stated that he encountered “an issue with the end credits on a rather high-profile WGA-backed project.” According to the website Varietythere was a telephone conversation, and in the next message we learn that sthe price list is copied practically down to the last sentence.

“Evidence of the script ‘Winter Solstice’ is copied line by line, they are overwhelming – anyone who looks at even the shortest sample almost invariably uses the word ‘insolent,'” Stepehnson wrote.

Stephenson stated that Payne’s film looks too much like his unrealized idea. “Frisco” was supposed to be a drama about a grumpy children’s doctor who must take care of his 15-year-old patient. A surprisingly similar motif can be found in the film “Winter Solstice”, in which a tired teacher stays at school during the winter break to take care of teenage students.

As you know, the “Winter Solstice” is here nominated for Oscars five times, including in the category for “Best Original Screenplay”. We would like to remind you that the Oscars will take place on March 10. David Hemingson, who wrote the script, and Alexander Payne declined to comment on the accusations. In these circumstances, the most viable option is a lawsuit, which was advised to the screenwriter by a member of the WGA.

The matter continues to be discussed internally by the WGA, and at least one union member found the allegations disturbing. An official response has still not been received.