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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Klan” after the holidays: Episode 4358. Maybe forget about getting married again?

– It’s strange living alone, sleeping alone, eating breakfast alone – Zabużański complains to his partner and friend.

– You can eat at the company… – Chojnicki will advise him.

– You know what I mean.

– I know…

– I even suggested that we live together, but she is so… implacable.

– Give her time.

– Gives.

– Do your best.

– I try. I offer to pick her up on my way to work, but she doesn’t want to. Whatever I say, she tells me off.

– Does he have someone?

– You know what?!

– Come on?

– Why should she have someone? – Renata’s husband is angry.

– Women don’t like being alone – says Jurek.

– Do you know something? – Antoni asks suspiciously.

– Just asking.

– I don’t know… I hope there isn’t.

– How is your heart? – Chojnicki looks expressively at Zabużański.

– Alina says it’s not bad.

– He cares about you – notices Ela’s husband (Barbara Bursztynowicz).

– As much as that.

– Are you dating? – Jerzy asks, interested.

– Sometimes we go out somewhere… – Antek sighs.

– I don’t hear euphoria.

– Because there is no more… and there will probably be no connection – Zabużański will say, clearly dissatisfied with his situation.

We would like to reveal that the 4358th episode of “Klan” will be broadcast on Monday, September 2 at 5:55 p.m. on TVP1.

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