Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Kinga Zawodnik delivered urgent news. She lost over 45 kg after the surgery, but ended up in the hospital again

Kinga Zawodnik he hosts programs on TVN Style “Diet or miracle” and “Kinga’s first time”in which she shows her struggles with being overweight, inspiring Polish women to change their appearance and lifestyle.

Since November 2020, the presenter has lost over 46 kg from a weight of 150 kg. He has undergone bariatric surgery, i.e. surgery to reduce the size of the stomach. She boasts about her achievements on social media, where she is followed by over 127,000 people. (Instagram), 75 thousand (TikTok) and 45 thousand (Facebook) fans.

In early 2023, she released her debut song “Clean heart” (check!)which he wrote and produced Tomasz Lubertguitarist and composer known for his groups Virgin, Video and Volver. The recording collected over 46,000 views. views.

In turn, in January this year a new song has appeared “The world is better” (check!). For now, attempts to start a musical career are going slowly, because it turns out that Kinga Zawodnik is facing health problems again.

The influencer said that she was facing another surgery.

“I don’t speak out myself because I don’t want to use bad terminology to scare or mislead anyone. In the hospital, I will ask the professor to explain everything. I can only add that it is not an aesthetic surgery, but is the result of the body’s natural physiology after losing a large amount of kilograms,” she said.

“Apart from the fact that I have had a problem with eating for 3 weeks, I feel very good physically. Mentally it is a little worse, much worse, but I will manage,” added Kinga Zawodnik.